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Attorney Devin A. Weisberg won a $1,000,000.00 (Million Dollar)
judgment for his client in the case of Rodas v. Milton Retana. A court
found that Milton Retana conducted an illegal ponzi scheme and
defrauded over two-thousand unsuspecting investors of more than
$60,000,000. A ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the
payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed
by new investors.
[Posted June 20, 2011]

Attorney Devin A. Weisberg successfully settled the lawsuit of L.
Hernandez v. Clinica for an undisclosed dollar figure. The lawsuit alleged
that doctors committed medical malpractice when they failed to diagnose
an ectopic pregnancy (i.e. where an embroyo develops outside of the
uterus and inside the fallopian tube). As a result, Plaintiff had a
miscarriage, suffered a ruptured fallopian tube, and had to undergo
emergency surgery.
[Posted April 21, 2010]

Attorney Devin A. Weisberg won a 1.3 Million dollar judgment for his
clients in the case of Palma v. Palma. The case involved fraudulent
misrepresentations made by an unlicensed Contractor against an
unsuspecting homeowner.
[Posted July 30, 2009]

Attorney Devin A. Weisberg is representing a Hollywood art dealer, in a
multi-million dollar lawsuit against a famed Jeweler to the Stars. The
lawsuit surrounds the true ownership of the largest sapphire jewel in the
world known as the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland.             
[Posted July 18, 2008]

Sempre Law Firm has reached a settlement in the case of Davis v.
Pasadena Unified School District for an undisclosed amount. The case
involved a high school student who was assaulted and beaten by fellow
students while on school grounds.
[Posted September 22, 2006]


Attorney Devin A. Weisberg, prevailed in the products liability case of
Bolden v. Target Corporation in the Redondo Beach Courthouse. A jury
unanimously found that retail giant, Target Stores, sold millions of
defective oil lamps that caused serious injuries when used as instructed.  
[Posted January 20, 2006]                             
Established by renowned Attorney Devin A. Weisberg, the Sempre Law Firm is a full
service law firm providing quality legal representation to clients in the State of
California. The firm is widely known for its aggressive representation in criminal,
family, and civil matters.
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